Academic Position – Professor in Sustainable Soil Management (OE175)

Academic Position – Professor in Sustainable Soil Management (OE175)

A position in Sustainable Soil Management is available at the Department of Agroecology, Section of Soil Physics and Hydropedology.
The position aim to strengthen ongoing activities at the department’s Soil Physics and Hydropedology Section. The section is dedicated to the research of fundamental soil functions and threats to the soil resource such as pollution, erosion, compaction and declining of soil organic matter. Modern intensive agriculture and climate change has strongly increased the problems with these threats and this calls for expanded research effort into sustainable soil management and the fundamental mechanisms affecting soil quality.
The focus of the professorship should be on soil quality, soil structure, soil stability and resilience, soil-plant interactions, and on developing and implementing sustainable soil management strategies. Furthermore, the research should address methodological issues regarding soil structure and plant production. The research should identify and address knowledge gaps, which currently limit sustainable soil management. The research should identify and address knowledge gaps, which currently prevent the achievement of stipulated mitigation targets, for policy support.
We seek an internationally competitive, innovative and successful research leader, who wants to work with highly engaged and motivated staff in a positive and dynamic international working environment. We are looking to appoint an experienced research leader, who sees opportunities within the Department’s research areas to create a successful, interdisciplinary team, also with external research collaborators and industrial partners, to deliver both novel and innovative solutions and underpinning basic knowledge to the area. The appointment includes research, supervision and teaching at professor level. The professor is expected to have strong leadership qualities, and to successfully lead and strengthen the research area through taking new strategic initiatives in collaboration with existing staff, and national and international networks.

Successful candidates
You are expected to:
  • be responsible for the development of the research area, with implementation of basic and applied research
  • establish synergies between your own research and other related research activities to secure the needed interdisciplinary approaches
  • maintain a strong national and international network of contacts with leading research groups, as well as pursuing industrial contacts within the agro industry
  • support the development of comprehensive research-based teaching activities and participate in assessments of students at BSc, MSc and PhD levels
  • be responsible for effective knowledge exchange with society, industry and the Danish Government
  • successfully attract external research grants from industry, national and international sources
  • develop and contribute to relevant educational courses at the Bachelor and Master levels
  • participate in MSc, PhD and post-doctoral training and be responsible for the educational guidance of assistant professors/postdocs.

The following professional and personal qualifications are required:
  • PhD degree or equivalent qualifications within soil science or related research fields
  • Documented experience as an international research leader in relation to soil management research
  • Documented research qualifications at professorship level
  • Experience in communication of research in a wide context
  • Documented ability to strengthen national and international cooperation within the research area
  • Documented ability to attract research funding from both industrial and public sources
  • Documented experience with supervision of postdocs, PhD and MSc students
  • Documented teaching experience and a demonstrated ability to develop relevant educational material
  • Documented leadership skills in relation to international collaboration and development of interdisciplinary research teams

The Department of Agroecology
The Department of Agroecology is part of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University and includes research across agroecology, that is to say the interaction between plants, animals, humans and the environment within agroecosystems for the production of food, feed, energy and biobased products. We contribute to sustainable production and growth via excellent research, advice and teaching. The Department currently employs approx. 60 full time scientific staff, 100 PhD students and Postdocs, and approx. 100 technical/administrative staff. Furthermore, we have a number of students and guests each year contributing to an international research environment.
The Department works in teams and therefore self-leadership, clear and open communication, success in mentoring, supervising and teaching are important qualities needed to be successful in the Department. In addition, the Department has a strong culture that is based on openness, equality, consultation and inclusion, and contributing to the Department strategy and working environment is viewed as important.
The Department is responsible for a Bachelor’s programme Agrobiology, and Master’s programme in AgroEnvironmental Management, taught at AU, Denmark. In addition, Department staff contribute to several other key interdisciplinary educations. Staff also teach on a number of other educations offered at other Universities in Denmark and abroad.
Please refer to for further information about The Department of Agroecology and to and for information on Science and Technology and Aarhus University, respectively.

All applications must be made online and received by: 05.01.2019

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