3 Postdoctoral Scholarships in Forest Vegetation/Ecosystem Ecology (OE199)

3 Postdoctoral Scholarships in Forest Vegetation/Ecosystem Ecology (OE199)

We are seeking three new Post-doctoral researchers to join the Forest Vegetation Ecology research group in Umeå, Sweden (https://www.slu.se/en/departments/forest-ecology-management/forskning/forest-vegetation-ecology/). The positions may focus on a range of research topics, including, but not necessarily limited to:

1) Biological nitrogen fixation in boreal forests, with a focus on the sensitivity of this process to climate change factors. This theme will be supervised by Michael Gundale (https://www.slu.se/cv/michael-gundale/) and Marie-Charlotte Nilsson (https://www.slu.se/cv/marie-charlotte-nilsson-hegethorn1/).

2) Impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on ecosystem properties and processes in boreal forests, such as plant communities or soil carbon accumulation processes. This theme will be supervised by Michael Gundale and Annika Nordin (https://www.slu.se/cv/annika-nordin2/).

3) Ecosystem genetics in boreal forests. In this theme we are interested in understanding how genetic variation within or between populations (for example as a result of breeding programs) impact forest ecosystem properties or processes; or, in identifying genetic differences that occur between native and introduced populations of a species. This theme will be supervised by Michael Gundale and Petter Axelsson (https://www.slu.se/cv/petter-axelsson/).

The post-doc will be encouraged to develop either of two types of research activities:

1)      Original research involving field, lab, or greenhouse experiments.

2)      Develop review and/or meta-analysis articles. 

The department supports an international environment in terms of both research and teaching, and has about 90 staff members. Our mission at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management is to advance the understanding of forest ecosystem processes and to progress the principles of forest ecosystem management. For more information visit: www.slu.se/en/departments/forest-ecology-management/

Qualifications:  We seek highly motivated individuals with good communication skills in English, both written and verbal, and a strong work ethic.  We seek group members who are capable of developing scientific publications targeted towards international journals.  The applicant should provide evidence for their capacity to do this in their CV and/or cover letter.   We also seek someone with good interpersonal skills, who can work in both a team context and independently.  We are searching for someone with a PhD in an Ecology or Applied Ecology related field, with emphasis in subjects such as plant community ecology, soil ecology, biogeochemistry, ecosystem science, community and ecosystem genetics, and/or forestry.  Previous research experience measuring soil properties and processes, plant community variables (e.g. composition, traits, plant physiological response, etc.) and/or plant extended phenotypes is desirable. 

Competence:  As postdoctoral scholarships are career-developing positions for junior researchers, we are primarily looking for candidates who have earned their doctoral degree within four years at the most. 

Place of work: Umeå

The city of Umeå is the largest city in Northern Sweden, with approximately 120,000 inhabitants.  Umeå is a vibrant cultural hub of northern Sweden, and was even designated a culture capital of Europe in 2014.  The city houses two Universities (Umeå University and SLU), with over 30,000 students in Umeå.  Umeå also has a well-developed sports, music, and outdoor recreation scene.   

Form of employment: The positions are funded as research stipends paid bi-annually over two years from the Kempe Foundation. The stipend equates to 25,000 kr (Swedish kronor) per month tax free. For more information about stipend positions, please inquire with Michael Gundale (Michael.Gundale@slu.se).

Extent: 100%

Starting date: Thespecific starting date is flexible, but must start no later than February 2020.

Application:  Send your cover letter, CV and reference list as a single file to Michael Gundale (Michael.Gundale@slu.se).  Review of applications will begin after August 30 2019; however, the announcement will remain open until suitable candidates are found. 

Specific documents attached: The application should contain the following two items written in English:

  1. a cover letter describing yourself, your motivation for applying for the position, and a short description of what you want to work on during the post doc position, and why;
  2. a CV describing your education, publications, and relevant work experience; and
  3. a list of names and contact information for three references.

Please merge these 3 parts into a single PDF file, with your name used as the file name.

More information available here.