Associate Professor of Soil Biological Fertility (OE203)

Associate Professor of Soil Biological Fertility (OE203)

Associate Professor of Soil Biological Fertility Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences Faculty of Science University of Copenhagen The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences invites applications for a position as Associate Professor of Soil Biological Fertility, starting from 1 December 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter. Place of employment will be at Thorvaldsensvej 40, 1871 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

Job description
Soil fertility is of fundamental importance to sustainability of agroecosystems and the main responsibility for the Associate Professor will be to strengthen the department’s research profile on soil biological fertility aspects, complementing strongholds on soil chemical and physical fertility. The research profile includes, but is not limited to, the role of biological organic matter decomposition and release of plant nutrients for soil fertility, strategies for using microbial agents for soil nutrient mobilisation, plant growth promotion or biostimulation/control, methods for biological enhancement of nutrient availability from recycled organic wastes and carbon sequestration in soils. The research of the associate professor should address agricultural practices, measures and technologies to enhance soil biological fertility through use of recycled, bio-based fertiliser products and new/improved fertilisation strategies in agricultural systems to lower emissions and enhance soil carbon sequestration. Furthermore, the research should contribute to better modelling of soil organic matter and nutrient dynamics in agroecosystem models, in order to better assess sustainability and long-term-resilience of agricultural production systems. Agroecosystems in focus could include conventional intensive, high-input as well as low-input or organic farming systems in various climatic zones. Duties include the associate professor’s own research, development of the field in collaboration with other research group members, assessment tasks, grant applications, and research management such as supervision and training of research fellows and other staff. The associate professor must also teach, supervise, prepare and participate in examinations, and fulfill other tasks requested by the Department. Teaching areas to be covered include, but are not limited to, land use and natural resource management, tropical crop production and soil fertility management, climate change and sustainable agricultural practices in both intensive and more low-input agricultural systems in different parts of the world. Required qualifications The successful applicant should be able to document:

  • A PhD in agricultural or soil sciences or equivalent. 
  • Strong research experience and publication record within the subject areas listed in the job description, to a level achievable in a position as assistant professor or equivalent. 
  • University level, research-based teaching experience and ability to explain and reflect upon own teaching practice and portfolio.  
  • Formal pedagogical training or supervision equivalent to the University of Copenhagen teacher training program for assistant professors. 
  • Ability to attract external funding for and conduct research projects, also in collaboration with other researchers and larger networks.   
  • Experience in research dissemination to the public and relevant stakeholders. 
  • Good interpersonal and communicative skills. 

Assessment of applications will primarily consider their level of documented, original scientific production at an international level, including contributions to developments in their field, as well as their documented teaching qualifications. Managerial and out-reach qualifications of applicants including ability to attract external funding will also be considered. Description of the scientific environment The Plant and Soil Science Section at Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences covers fundamental and applied studies of plant-environment interactions and soil processes, which are fundamental drivers for development of climate-smart and resource efficient agricultural systems for sustainable production of food, energy and biomaterials. The research fields include soil fertility, plant nutrition, molecular plant breeding and plant defense genetics. The soil fertility research group, which this associate professor position will be part of, comprises a professorial chair, two other associate professors, and 10-15 postdocs and PhD students. Further information on the Department is linked at and the Section at Inquiries about the position can be made to head of section Jan K. Schjørring, phone 353 33495 or mail The University wishes our staff to reflect the diversity of society and thus welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.

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