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Conference on Soil Biota driven Ecosystem Services in European Agriculture

22 octobre 2019 - 23 octobre 2019

How can adapted agricultural management promote soil biota and how does soil biodiversity feeds back with ecosystem services as benefit for farmers and all society? Interlinkages between farming activities, soil organisms and natural processes will be focused on combining ecological and socio-economic perspectives.


We invite abstracts for oral and poster presentations. The abstract submission closes on 30 June 2019.
We will inform you on acceptance of your abstract by 15 July 2019. Some proposed talks may be invited to be presented as posters.

  • Abstracts must be written in English and may not exceed 400 words.
  • Abstracts must be submitted at
  • Interdisciplinary contributions are highly appreciated.

Abstracts addressing one of the following topics are welcome:

  1. Soil biodiversity as a companion for farmers
    This session focuses at demonstrating how soil biodiversity works for agriculture if agriculture cares about soil biodiversity. We welcome contributions looking at soil processes driven by soil organisms including nutrient cycling, carbon dynamics, water storage and release, soil health, soil structure development being essential for a sustainable and productive agriculture.
  2. Soil biota driven ecosystem services as a societal value
    A better understanding on how to foster ecosystem services provided by soil organisms under agricultural land use is essential in order to fulfil societal demands. We will look at synergies and trade-offs between supporting, regulating and provisioning soil ecosystem services taking into account time-legacy and beneficiaries of the services. Contributions aiming at quantifying their value are particularly welcome.
  3. CAP post 2020 – opportunities for soil biota preservation?
    Contributions should address how the future Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) could strengthen the provision of soil driven ecosystem services. Attention will be given how to incentivise farmers for a better soil protection and how to further valorise soil-based ecosystem services through policy instruments.

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Début :
22 octobre 2019
Fin :
23 octobre 2019
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University of Goettingen
Institute for Applied Soil Biology
Thünen Institute
Spanish National Research Council-Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj Napoca
University of Tartu
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Université de Rennes 1


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