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4 septembre 2018

Soils and Sustainable Development Goals – 2018 Society Conference

Soils are crucial for sustainable development, and healthy soils are central to achieving many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The 2018 Annual Conference of the British Society of Soil Science, taking place at Lancaster University  4th-5th September 2018, will provide an opportunity to focus on these issues. Keynote speakers, including Professor Cheryl Palm from the University of Florida, will address problems such as Soils and Food Security, Climate Change and Health and Water Quality. This conference will provide a platform to deliberate and discuss these critical topics. Throughout the two days there will be opportunities to network with practitioners from diverse organisations, discuss how […]
27 novembre 2018

Séminaire Inra-Itab : Le Sol, ressource essentielle dans les systèmes en agriculture biologique

Quelles recherches construire ? Seminaire Participatif Paris 13 Réservez votre 27 novebre 2018 Thèmes abordés : gestion des ressources, bouclage des cycles biogéochimiques, fertilités des sols, territoires, impact des pratiques conception des systèmes, processus écologiques, pilotages, microbiologie, qualité des sols et des aliments, interactions sol-plantes, changement climatique, biodiversité, environnement, dispositifs long terme … Systèmes concernés : élevage, grandes cultures, arboricultures, viticulture, maraîchage … Public concerné :  Chercheurs, Praticiens Please follow and like us:
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